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In the realm of fitness and well-being, we often encounter phrases like “I have a genetic predisposition to a particular ailment” or “my family history suggests I’ll inherit the same health issues.” However, contemporary insights from quantum physics and epigenetics challenge these notions.

Quantum physics reveals that it’s the observer who wields influence over a system, not the other way around as previously believed in Newtonian physics. Until recently, there was a prevailing hope that we could decipher, preempt, and even manipulate an organism’s behaviour and health through DNA coding.

Here’s the revelation: genetic predisposition plays a minor role, accounting for less than 25% of an individual’s current health status, while external influences on gene expression hold the majority, contributing to 75% of the final outcome. This intriguing study of gene expression control is known as epigenetics, derived from the Greek “epi,” meaning “above” genetics.

Epigenetics diagram

So, why do we often see the same health issues cropping up within families? The answer often lies in the shared lifestyles, particularly when residing in the same household with similar diets. It’s our identity, our beliefs, and, most significantly, our minds that dictate the gene expression, with our thought processes being the sole limiting factor.

Thoughts are not mere isolated ideas but powerful triggers of emotional reactions. These emotions, in turn, set off the release of hormones and shape bodily functions through the cerebral cortex-hypothalamus-pituitary axis, the command centre of the hormonal system. Thoughts and emotions possess the remarkable ability to influence the body’s functions at atomic, biochemical, and electromagnetic levels. Different emotions, such as fear, joy, boredom, and sadness, induce specific hormone secretions.

In our contemporary world, where feelings of uncertainty and fear about the future often loom large, our health is constantly under siege. Mental stress can seamlessly transform into biological stress, causing disturbances in metabolic and hormonal balance. It is often the catalyst or root cause of various diseases.

So, let this be a profound reminder that we are not slaves to our genes, but rather the architects of our own genetic destiny. By reshaping our beliefs and thoughts, we hold the power to shape our health, well-being, and ultimately, our lives.

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